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There are worlds within worlds. All the magic of Creation exists within a single tiny seed.
~ Magi of Fern Gully
The Secret of the Cone
The first of our Down South Learning Series, this beautiful book and adventure truly celebrates the magic and wonder of the Christmas season as children read, dissect, and discover the amazing secret of the cone!

Essential Science Concepts Include: Structure determines function, living verses nonliving, adaptations, classification, change over time, and more…
Essential Literacy Skills Include: Informational text structure, sequence, question and answers, Latin root words, and more…
Kit Includes:
  • Book – The Secret of the Cone – with Cool Facts to Know, Scavenger Hunt, “Living” Science Journal activity, and interactive web-links
  • Specimens – Assorted Male and Female cones including Loblolly pine, Longleaf pine, Spruce pine, Bald Cypress
  • Extended Learning Guide and Teaching Tips – featuring web-links and brain-based instruction guides
  • Drawstring Book bag for independent specimen collection and study
Promotional Special: $39.00
The Tallest Tree
A true hands-on story adventure as children read, stack, and build, a beautiful poetry story featuring one of Earth’s largest, oldest, and most amazing organisms. Sturdy, easy to hold and stack, cardboard blocks feature beautiful illustrations, numbers and counting, poetry, as children build the amazing Redwood Tree.

*Perfect Add on to The Secret of the Cone!*
Essential Literacy Skills: Rhyming, rhythm, sequence, and more…
Essential Science Skills: Organisms live together and depend on one another for survival, organisms have specific habitats and needs, and more…
Kit Includes:
  • Book: The Tallest Tree (Board book)
  • Tallest Tree Stacking Blocks
  • Beautiful, easy to stack away box
  • Extended Learning Guide and Teaching Tips featuring web-link adventure
  • Climbing a Redwood Tree – as scientists discover a brand new species that spends its entire life in the top of the giant Redwood!
  • Drawstring Book bag for independent specimen collection and study
Promotional Special: $35.00