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"As a knowledgeable and experienced educational expert, Susan Styons has a proven track record of helping educational leaders within schools and districts plan for and implement changes that greatly improve student achievement."
Sheryl Turner
RMC Research Corporation

"Wow! I just learned more science than I ever did in college and how to teach inquiry at the same time. Samantha's ideas and lesson plans are fun, interesting and exactly what we are supposed to be teaching."
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ission: To connect science, nature, and people to provide incredible experiences that teach how living things are connected to the non-living parts of the environment. We educate youth and adults through partnerships with municipalities, NC Wildlife officers, farmers, scientists, professors, and business leaders.

ision: To establish an education mecca for camps, retreats, teacher training, research and curriculum utilizing the unique ecosystems and amazing biodiversity of Eastern North Carolina.

Roanoke Ecological Science Camp
at Vanguard Educational Institute on the beautiful
Roanoke River in Plymouth, North Carolina

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What is STEM-LS?
=Science. Science can be defined as the study of our surroundings. The thought processes and methods that are embedded in science require the use of mathematics, engineering, technology, and high-level literacy skills.
=Technology. ALL technology comes from discoveries made through science- the study of our surroundings. It is the result of human innovation...
= Engineering. Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions to human problems.
= Mathematics. Mathematics is both a science and a tool. It is commonly defined as the abstract science of number, quantity, and space.
= Literacy. Literacy is the most essential part of successful learning. Children who do not have good literacy skills will struggle in all disciplines.
= Sociology (or social studies). Sociology is the study of humans and how they interact. Sociology is central to how we learn and who we are.